Letter to the editor: Kudos to Stop & Shop


I was very pleased to see the picture of “Rolling Donations” in the Friday, May 20 Citizen’s News.

During the month of April, we had our annual food drive. In the first week of May when I delivered the second half of our donations to The Eucmenical Food Bank, the volunteer and I were shocked to see the grocery carts they originally had were missing. She had no idea they were gone and thought at first someone had stolen them.

We soon learned the other big store in town had taken their carts back. With one cart that was outside, and the help from a woman with a portable cart, the three of us brought the bags in.

As I was leaving more people were coming in with donations. They were surprised the carts were missing also.

Not only do these carts help us bring in donations, but also, they are a big part in their distribution system to put the food into individual bags for the ones coming in for them. Thank you Stop & Shop for helping those wonderful volunteers by making their job a little easier.

Beverly Hudson

Owner, Curves for Women