Letter to the editor: Friends of Beacon Falls Library offers thanks


The Friends of Beacon Falls Library were excited to host their third annual Letters for our Library Scrabble Challenge on March 24.

There are many organizations and individuals responsible for that evening’s success.

First and foremost, we need to thank our very generous Word Sponsors: O & G Industries and the Rotary Club of Beacon Falls. Our Letter Sponsors were: Full Harvest Bar & Grill, St. Michael’s Church Ladies Guild, Active Kids Discovery Group (License #46463), Lioness Club of Beacon Falls, Maria’s Tailoring Alterations and Dry-Cleaning, Big-Y Supermarkets, and Yep-Can, LLC.

We need to thank Saint Michael’s Church for the use of the lyceum and sound system, Jack Betkoski for acting as our master of ceremonies, Tina Agati of the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Waterbury for her continual assistance, and our other judges Joe Dowdell, Jack Levine, and Cindy Jurzynski.

Thank you to Randy Dellinger for serving as our resident photographer. We also need to thank the many businesses and individuals that donated to our tea cup auction and thank our volunteers, including Boy Scout Troop 104 for their help during clean-up.

Finally we need to express our most sincere gratitude to the more than seventy of you who competed and helped the Friends raise additional funds toward our dream of a new library.

Thank you from the Friends of Beacon Falls Library.

Sue Dowdell

Vice-President and Event Chairperson

Friends of Beacon Falls Library