Letter to the editor: Beacon Falls town nurse thanks her supporters


“What a beautiful little town you live in. A town nurse.” These are the words of a family member of a resident who took advantage of the unique service available to the residents of Beacon Falls.

The service was in danger of being taken away due to the threat of laying off part-time town employees, including the town nurse. I would like to personally express my appreciation to the local merchants who displayed, the residents and taxpayers who signed and to Senior Citizens President Bernadette Dionne who initiated the petition opposing this action.

The 400 plus signatures presented to the Boards of Selectmen and Finance clearly demonstrates to the town official(s), who proposed these cuts, that this is a community that cares for and about their neighbors—especially the elderly, handicapped and homebound.

What a beautiful little town we live in.

Sue Mis, RN

Beacon Falls Town Nurse