Letter to the editor: Appreciates Nardello’s efforts


Dear state Rep. Vickie Nardello,

My family and I sincerely appreciate your efforts to have siting regulations put in place regarding the proposed wind turbines.

Our group, Save Prospect Corp. will continue to work as hard as we can to save our neighborhood and your support is invaluable.

See you on Thursday. You’re doing a fantastic job protecting us, your constituents, up here on the hill and throughout the entire town. We want you to know that your support is very much noted and we will put together a party in your honor when all of this is completed and responsible regulations are designed and put into place. Regulations that are responsible and will guarantee all of our homes be protected.

We have full trust and faith in you and all the other leaders in Hartford working with you, the leaders who have joined the cause and are helping you protect our biggest investment, our homes, and more importantly, the safety of our families now and in the future, from the number of serious negative effects and potential calamities of having a pair or more of 492 foot high, wind turbines so close to families and their homes.

John Hurley