Letter: Thanks Susan Cable for her work


To the editor,

I would like to recognize all the work that First Selectman Susan Cable has done for the town of Beacon Falls. She has dedicated a good portion of her life to this town. You may not have always agreed with her politics, but whatever she has done, she has done for the betterment of the town.

In the most recent past, she worked tirelessly to help all those without power. She helped out at the senior center and fire house, and worked it out so the kids in town could have their Halloween and remain safe.

I feel we all owe Sue our thanks for the job that she has done. I hope Sue will remain an active participant with regards to the politics and well being of our community.

Sue was always visible and accessible to all the people of this town. Mr. Smith has a big job ahead in trying to fill Sue’s footsteps. I wish him the best and hope that he proves to be as accessible as Sue has been.

The next time you see Sue, I hope you take a moment to shake her hand and say ‚ÄúThank you.”

Eve Melninkaitis

Beacon Falls