Letter: Team Chatfield will continue to move Prospect forward


To the editor,

It’s that time again when opponents of Team Chatfield announce taglines, talking points and positions on what they deem as wrong with Prospect. While this is a typical tactic in politics, we are smart enough to look at what continually makes Prospect a great and most desirable place to live. We are smart enough to look at the failing Democratic leadership leading our state, surrounding towns, and our country today. We are smart enough to know Team Chatfield deserves our votes to continue moving the great town of Prospect forward.

When people consider what many care most about like raising a family, lower taxes, economic growth while maintaining our small-town feel, and an enjoyable quality of life it, becomes easy to understand why people stay and continually choose to move to Prospect.

Too often we hear “it’s time for change,” my question is time to change to what? People need to be careful what they wish for, and more importantly be careful who and what they vote for. I will be voting the Republican line, and will be filling in the bubble on the Town Council write-in line and writing in Stan Pilat, so Team Chatfield can continue to move our town forward allowing us to enjoy the quality of life we enjoy today.

Scott F. Martin


The writer is a member of the Prospect Republican Town Committee.