Letter: Tasimi will be a great addition to board


To the editor,

Please consider supporting Visar Tasimi for Naugatuck burgess.

Visar has served the borough of Naugatuck for two years on the finance board, and brought a level of professionalism that has greatly benefitted the finance board. I believe as a burgess, he will bring his energy, experience and problem-solving attitude to move Naugatuck forward.

Visar attended Naugatuck public schools and is a strong supporter of strengthening the borough’s most valuable asset: its school system. He has a consistent voting record in providing the school board the tools they need to continually improve and modernize, to meet the changing needs of Naugatuck pupils.

Visar dedicates 100% effort wherever he is involved: his career, the Naugatuck finance board, serving nonprofits such as the Naugatuck High School Greyhound Band Association, and I am certain he will do the same as a burgess. I am confident Visar will be an outstanding addition to the Board of Burgesses.

Johnna Hunt


The writer is the principal of Hillside Intermediate School in Naugatuck.