Letter: Talking about the Republican landscape


To the editor,

Jon Huntsman — the intelligent, knowledgeable, sober, experienced, ambassador, statesman — what a pity he didn’t wait until 2015 instead of being in the company of these clowns. To accuse him of crossing party lines is dumb.

Lawrence O’Donnell has asked, “Why is it Mitt Romney and Rick Perry lie so much and are getting away with it?”

Answer: If “others” before them do so successfully for eight years shouldn’t they continue the GOP tradition.

Newt Gingrich has said that children labor laws are stupid. Which is more stupid, the labor laws or the comment?

John McCain has said that the President will be judged with scorn and disdain for the troop withdrawal in Iraq. The term scorn and disdain is not language appropriate with the action and coming from someone from an 894 out of an 899 graduating class. Still suffering from the walloping he got in the presidential election — 173 to 365 electoral votes.

During the presidential campaign, Gov. Rick Perry suggested term limits for members of Congress and the justices of the Supreme Court. The idea is worthy of consideration because members of Congress are not really serving the people who voted them into office and the Supreme Court has not been really “supreme” in some of its judgments.

Don’t forget to remember that we were told that, “outsourcing jobs is good for America,” and no one questioned the goodness of the idea. Has it any relationship with the unemployment we have experienced?

Aston Lee Sr.