Letter: Supports Cable for first selectman


To the editor,

I would like to voice my unconditional support for Susan Cable’s reelection for first selectman in Beacon Falls.

I have volunteered for the benefit of the Beacon Falls Public Library for the past 20 plus years and am so very grateful to have Susan Cable’s unwavering support for our library. She is working diligently to find grants needed to help us create a Community Media Center, which will house a new library and a community center.

Our library does not “function well in Town Hall.”  We are one of the smallest libraries per capita in the state of Connecticut with a desperately inadequate 1,200 square feet of space. Our shelves have reached capacity. There is no space for which tutors and their students to work. The computers are filled with people on a continual basis. The librarians need to work in the limited space behind the circulation desk to do the cataloging and preparing of books to be put on the shelves. When children’s programs are being held, they either limit access to the collection or need to be held in another venue.

I am voting for Susan Cable because Susan values literacy and community spirit and she has the connections in the state and federal governments to make things happen. Susan has the vision to move our library and our town forward in a fiscally responsible way. I urge all to vote for Susan Cable on Nov. 8.

Sue Dowdell

Beacon Falls

Co-chair, Community Media Center Building Committee

Lifetime member, Friends of Beacon Falls Library