Letter: Support the Smith-Sorrentino team


letters_flatTo the editor,

It should be of no surprise that I and many others will be supporting and voting for the Smith-Sorrentino team on Nov. 5. Let me explain why. I look at the experience and talent that makes up the top of the ticket and see four current or former selectmen and one former state representative (retired) totaling over 30 years of service to Beacon Falls in this capacity. Add to that another 30 years of serving Beacon Falls as members of the Board of Finance, Board of Education, Economic Development, Planning and Zoning and other boards and commissions.

As your former town historian, I can say that this is the most exciting and experienced set of candidates put forth by either party in three decades.

I look back at the last two years and remember the issues First Selectman Smith inherited: cost overruns in three major building projects, and challenges at Town Hall and other areas of town government that were working without direction. He never rejected the challenge and stepped in feet first and addressed each issue as it came up. The town is more financially sound then when he took office and Gerry Smith made progress passing referendums for a new ladder truck for the fire department and fixing their leaky roof.   New businesses have moved into town, and he guided and rallied behind volunteers that made upgrades to Toby’s Pond. Beacon Falls has made progress that past administrations only talked about.

The paring of Smith and Sorrentino will mean Beacon Falls can continue the positive movement Smith-D’Amico started. Dominick Sorrentino has always worked for the betterment of our community and as a former selectman, brings his years of experience back to work for all of us. The marriage of a Republican and Democrat to lead the ticket is unprecedented and shows how committed the Row A Team is to bring together the best people to serve the Town of Beacon Falls.

I will be voting for Smith, Sorrentino, Greene, Groth, and the entire Row A Team. I look forward to working with this team and serving you as treasurer for the next two years.  Please join me and continue to make Beacon Falls First. Vote Row A.

Michael A. Krenesky

Beacon Falls

Republican Treasurer candidate


  1. Appears the D-Team does not want to let the election end. It is really sad that you are such bad winners.

    Gerry – Thank you for serving this community for the 20 plus years you have done so. You have left this town in a better place than what you found when taking office 2 years ago. We can only hope that this new administration can continue the positive momentum that you started.

    God Bless.