Letter: State needs to speed up background checks


To the editor,

I would like to know why citizens such as myself have to wait so long for our state government to conduct background checks on people eager to go to work.

(Gov. Dannel) Malloy says he wants to get people working, so I think it’s time he let the agencies that he oversees that are responsible for the checks to begin doing the job we the taxpayers are paying them to do. The normal waiting time is supposed to be six to seven weeks. We have been waiting now for 10 weeks; we recently have been told that it will still be another three to four weeks. The federal government conducted their checks in about six weeks, and they are much bigger than little Connecticut.

I contacted the governor’s office via e-mail and got the typical reply that we will look into it. (Yeah right.) The job we are waiting to start is driving a school bus, I appreciate the fact that these checks are done having a 10 year old that rides the buses to and back home. I also applaud the bus company on their training that is given to all employees so that our precious children are kept safe. Until I began the training process I had no idea what it actually takes to become a driver. You just don’t grab the keys and go.

So, it would be nice to be able to earn a week’s pay if someone would get off their butt and do their job.

Richard Blanc