Letter: Something needs to be done about geese


To the editor,

For years now, I have been using the parks in Naugatuck for walking my dog, exercising, picnics, and the variety of sports that my son partakes in seasonally. I am disgusted with the unhygienic conditions in which our children our expected to play, and that I am forced to endure while taking a simple walk. This pertains to the Green in Naugatuck as well.

Is it just me, or have you noticed that you are forced to walk around, over, and strategically traverse piles of goose droppings?

I went though basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and getting to the ball fields is like a military exercise.

On the playground at Cross Street School someone painted the United States in nice bright colors. As I approached, it looked as if our feathered foe has used the map for bomb dropping maneuvers. Feces was on the concrete, pavement, and in puddles were it was draining and running off elsewhere. I’m not sure about your child, but mine rolls around in that very grass and dirt during practice. That is a primordial ooze of bacteria and germs just waiting to attack. Something needs to be done to rid the community of this dung dropping foul.

Is there a way to relocate them? Is there a humane way to lessen the population?

I am considering alternative sporting choices for my son so he doesn’t have to be exposed to these unsanitary conditions.

I myself have not enjoyed the local walking trails, parks, state lakes and parks because of this. I got tired of poop on my dogs paws and on mine and my son’s sneakers. I found it sickening to wade along side it at Black Rock State Park and really got upset that it was all over our picnic blanket that we had set down so we could listen to a Tuesday night free concert on the Town Green.

These fouls are rampant around the state. I am aware that it is a big problem. They are destroying the natural flora of our lakes and ponds too, which disrupts the fish and other creature’s dependant on that ecosystem to thrive. The state parks and lakes were closed due to high bacteria levels after summer rains and runoff. I’m sure the feces riddling the beaches and walkways are contributing. I noticed the little piles all over Hop Brook Golf Course and Hop Brook pool were children were playing and swimming.

In this society of ours that is so concerned with hand sanitizers, disinfection, and the over use of antibiotics for a sniffle, why hasn’t someone thought of remedying these poop plopping nuisances? Can somebody please come up with a plan that is number one for removing number two?

Joann Rosikiewicz