Letter: Shutdown caused by Tea Party temper tantrum


letters_flatTo the editor,

I am a registered Republican. However, I am sadly disappointed with the current Republican Party. The Republicans had a proud tradition of conservative politics (with a sense of moderation versus radical conservatism) but has now allowed itself to be “hijacked” by the “far right” and the extremist Tea Party. Ironically, these extremists are a tiny minority.

The recent “temper tantrum” initiated by the Tea Party and the far right has cost the U.S. economy approximately $24 billion, which incidentally adds to the debt deficit.

What did this tantrum accomplish: A government shutdown; Negative effect on the U.S. economy which is still trying to right itself; Negative effect on government employees who were furloughed; Jeopardized the U.S. credit rating; Negatively affected the market; Added to the negative feeling of voters toward the Republican-controlled Congress

It is time for voters to send a loud and clear message to the Republican leadership. We are not going to take this anymore.

The only way to send this message is in the voting booth. To make this message resonate, we should vote out every incumbent Republican candidate. The vote is our only weapon against the self-destructive activity of the current Republican leadership.

Unless we make our voices clear now, we will be going through this same dysfunction in a few months. Only next time, the results could be catastrophic.

No more temper tantrums. No more Congressional dysfunction. Let’s make this very clear in the upcoming elections. Vote current Republican incumbents out.

Joseph Bongiovanni



  1. Dear Mr. Bongiovanni,
    While you may be registered as a Republican, one would suspect you’re a mole for the Democrats. You should know that the Tea Party is more of a philosophy, than an actual party. The so-called Tea Party implores citizens to follow our Constitution and for elected representatives to uphold the oath they took when sworn into office. They believe in States rights, small government, rule of law, living within your means, low taxes, free markets, strong work ethics and self-reliance. They are against the creeping tyranny that is now all around us and gaining momentum. They are against laws passed by executive decree and fiat rule which violates the Constitution and furthers the totalitarian agenda of the left. They are against central planning by our government which history shows us always ends in shortages, want, waste, and even more corruption than we have now. They are against a cradle to grave welfare state and buying votes with government handouts. They are against supporting illegal immigration which costs Americans jobs, seats for Americans students in our universities, and the countless $Billions in various forms of welfare payments to support illegals; and for the record, Tea Party supporters DO FAVOR legal immigration. I find it curious that the author recites the so well the left wing talking points to disparage the Tea Party philosophy. So which is it Mr. Bongiovanni, are you a poseur for the Democrats, or did John McKinney ask you to submit his letter in your name?