Letter: Show courtesy and respect on the road


To the editor,

I would like to direct this to the gentleman that decided to exercise his right to not show any intelligence or courtesy as I was attempting to exit Duchess’ parking lot, and instead thought giving me the finger was a better way to go. I want to thank you for demonstrating that you have no manners and lack decision-making skills.

I believe many people need to take some lessons in driver courtesy. I for one know when I’ve come across a vehicle attempting to cross lanes out of a parking lot I patiently wait and allow them to go. Maybe your family never taught you manners, I really don’t know but that finger and your rudeness might cause you to get pulled over by the police one day.

Drive carefully people, slow down, show some courtesy and respect. It’s not worth getting in an accident over something that takes a minutes worth of driver etiquette.

Michael Faustine