Letter: Sharing a good laugh


To the editor,

We believe to share a good laugh is good for the soul. A new experience is refreshing in this crazy world today, which has so much negativity. Everyone loves a good laugh, we hope you do too.

(Recently), my wife, who is fond of curious dolls, miniature animals, etc., decided to give a miniature stuffed collie dog named “Fu Fu,” which she loves and cherishes, a bath in our local washing machine to clean and sanitize for looks and cleanliness and appearance.

Guess what, it came out fine, had to be blown dried and combed.

This gesture, an experiment turned out fine, to our astonishment, as well as amusing to us. The humor was unbelievable to us. Hope you found it amusing too.

Tip: Don’t use too much soap. Blow dry after and Comb. Ha. Ha.

Ed and Arlene Gutowski