Letter: Senior center president says thanks


To the editor,

As president of the Beacon Falls Senior Center, I want to send a very special thank you to Susan Cable. Her caring and strong leadership helped keep the Beacon Falls Senior Center open 24/7 as a place for people to eat hot meals and sleep.

I would like to thank Eddie Rodriquez for his promptness in getting events organized promptly.

Thank you police Officer Carolyn O’Bar, who was working not only as an officer, but as a friend. She made sure every elderly person was safe. She asked people if anyone in the center knew anyone we could contact, making every last elderly citizens accounted for every day.

To all the wonderful firefighters at Beacon Hose #1: Thank you for all you have done. We seniors will always have your back. We love you.

I want to thank our town nurse, Sue Mis, who has been a rock. I can never thank you enough.

Thank you to my seniors, Augie Aquizzo, Jeanette Bogan, Gisele Guillette, Flo Doiron, Dominick Sorrentino, Liz and Sal Falzone, and Ernie Tyers, who have been in the kitchen from the start.

To Art Daigle, who drove both people and meals via mini-bus to and from the center, along with anything else that we needed to have done. You’re the best my friend.

To the Beacon Meat Market for all the cold cuts, cheese, and produce they gave the senior center. You made it possible to feed the people of Beacon Falls.

To Beacon Falls Pizza, for the great pizzas you donated, it was enjoyed by all.

And volunteers, way too many to name, you have all been great.

A big thanks to all the people who donated food, cups, plates, and more.

To our guests: We were so happy to be here for you.

It has been quite a ride. Everyone has made at least one new friend. Thank you for being there for each other. You all have a special place in my heart, and I couldn’t have upheld an emergency shelter without you.

Again, a big thank you to Susan Cable. You are the best. Everyone, when you see Sue, don’t forget to thank her for all she has done. We love you Sue.

Bernadette Dionne

Beacon Falls

President, Beacon Falls Senior Center