Letter: Selectman appalled at Democrats’ actions


To the editor,

I guess I should not be surprised, but I am appalled that First Selectman Susan Cable and Beacon Falls Democratic party would abuse a scheduled non-partisan town informational meeting to their own gain.

They have posted on their website a bogus flyer that was rejected because of its campaign like content. The meeting currently scheduled for the morning of July 9 to be hosted by all three members of Board of Selectmen, was intended as an open bi-partisan forum to discuss town-wide issues. Its purpose was to allow all town residents, regardless of registered party affiliation, to listen to and participate in an open conversation moving towards a combined vision for our community.

Sadly it appears that the there is another agenda.

I have been very clear on my position to make the flyer non-partisan during discussions on the intent of the meeting and the resulting flyer. During those discussions I was not alone when rejecting several versions of the flyer as they looked more like campaign flyers for Ms. Cable and therefore did not following the intent of the meeting. The flyer posted on the Democratic website is one of those unapproved rejected versions. I am greatly disappointed that the First Selectman and Democratic party would take advantage of the other members of the Board of Selectmen and the entire community for their own gain.

So much for a shared vision of unity as it is clearly politics as usual.

Michael A. Krenesky

Selectman, Beacon Falls