Letter: School board recognizes employees for dedication


To the editor,

It is encouraging to note the compassionate, generous, and often, courageous spirit, so many people display when potentially tragic events like the Recent Hurricane Irene occur.

On Sunday, Aug. 28, when the storm was at its peak, Naugatuck public schools’ employees James Healy, Paul LaCharity, Todd Perrelli, and James Vaz were on the job securing buildings and equipment to minimize damage and loss. With concern mounting about the rising water in the Naugatuck River just yards from the bus lot on South Main Street, (Student Transportation-America) employees Judee Pratt, Melissa Weeden, Chris Kuczenski, Joe Boulanger, Karen Seeger, Chris Grella, Dave McCann, John Neto, Dawn Campos, and Tracy Knipstein assisted in moving the bus fleet to higher ground at City Hill Middle School.

The Naugatuck Board of Education recognizes the special effort and dedication of these individuals to preserve the property of the town and ultimately the opportunity of the children to go back to school as soon as possible.

Dr. John Tindall-Gibson

Naugatuck Superintendent of Schools