Letter: Sampson fights for his district


To the editor,

I write to endorse Sen. Robert C. Sampson, R-16th District, for re-election. Here are four reasons:

Rob fights for the district. We all were grateful for his leadership role in 2018 in turning back then-Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s cuts to municipal funding for towns in our District. In addition, Rob also helped us on two issues close to district residents’ hearts — he played a leadership role in ensuring proposed tolls did not pass, and now is rallying opposition to the Police Accountability Act.

[Rob fights on behalf of all his constituents. He always is available to help his constituents, especially this year when Connecticut government’s systems were not equipped to handle the demands caused by COVID-19 for hundreds of folks in his district.

Rob fights in the legislature. His legislative accomplishments over the last 10 years have been phenomenal. He has sponsored or co-sponsored more than 600 bills, of which 130 have become law; an unheard-of achievement for a minority member. And the legislation has been dear to the hearts of his district, helping the lives of the more vulnerable communities, such as senior citizens.

Rob fights for his principles. All that he does is informed by his set of principles rooted in the Constitution and the promise of the United States, such as freedom for individuals, free markets, free speech and freedom for all individuals

Please vote for Rob Sampson on the Republican line.

Tony Morrison


The writer is a member of the Southington Board of Finance.