Letter: Samela is who Naugatuck needs


To the editor,

Not only is the election next week a crucial event for the entire country, but it is also a crucial event on a more fundamental level — our towns. The day-to-day changes in our lives, whether they be improvements or hardships, come from the local elected officials in which we chose to represent us. If people have felt like things could be better, it’s because they can.

If voters are for Naugatuck, they’re for Democrat Stephen Samela in the 70th House District.

Stephen is an extremely educated, kind-hearted man with ears that will listen, and policies that will take action. From focusing on improving transportation and lowering the cost of prescription drugs to providing proper funding to education without raising taxes, Samela cares.

On Nov. 3, whatever political affiliation voters may be, if voters want Naugatuck to move forward, vote for Stephen Samela (4A).

Tyler Suarez