Letter: Road foreman clarifies ongoing project


To the editor,

To clear up questions regarding the work being done at Volunteer Park, the Beacon Falls Department of Public Works devised a work plan and consulted with Marcucio Gardens to review the plan, which involved starting with an almost clean sheet and suggested plantings that would meet our needs.

Equipment used was rented for this project and projects at Matthies and Pent Road Complex. The Department of Public Works does not own an excavator or track skid steer.

The scope of this project is to open up the park area and transition the view to now include the river, which is obscured by overgrown trees and bushes. Additional work being done: improve service road to cement deck, which will make maintenance easier for that side of the park, plant grass and low bushes, which will not catch leaves and litter, and not block view of the river, stabilize bank area, and new flower plantings in center of block circle.

To clarify one last point, this department is being questioned about lack of maintenance at this park and it is simply not true. Two employees are assigned to maintain six parks, as residents know, and do a great job considering other factors, which arise day-to-day.

Edward Bea

Beacon Falls DPW Road Foreman


  1. Ed,

    Thank you for clarifying the scope of the project to the community. We look forward to seeing the completed plan implemented, as it will add value to downtown Beacon Falls.

    Anita Goerig