Letter: Road damage is Mother Nature’s fault


To the editor,

We would like to respond to Ms. Robledo’s letter to the editor, which appeared in the Aug. 26, 2011 edition of the Citizen’s News.

Our question is what do you mean, “It finally happened?” Unfortunately, nature’s furry has caused havoc on Blackberry Hill before Aug. 14, 2011. As you wrote, problems occurred due to a tremendous amount of rain. Again, due to another enormous amount of rain on Aug. 28, the road was again damaged.

On Sunday, Aug. 28, we drove up Blackberry Hill and saw the amount of damage caused by Hurricane Irene. As life-long residents of Beacon Falls and growing up on Blackberry Hill, we have witnessed natural events such as hurricanes, snowstorms, and torrential rains, which have all caused drainage problems on Blackberry Hill.

Please, Ms. Robledo get your facts straight. The Cable administration has tried to secure funding to repair Blackberry Hill numerous times, but the project was turned down by taxpayers at town meetings and at a recent referendum.

By the way, Ms. Cable currently lives on Blackberry Hill and has also been impacted by the drainage problems caused by natural events just as you have.

Blackberry Hill is scheduled for a total reconstruction this fall and should be in good shape before the snow flies again. This is being done thanks to grants secured by the present administration.

Ms. Robledo, the politicians get blamed for a lot things, but really, are they really responsible for bad weather?

We are proud to have grown up on Blackberry Hill, and we still call it home.

Jack Betkoski

Sarah Delmoro

Beacon Falls

The writers are the brother and sister of First Selectman Susan Cable