Letter: Responds to criticism of candidate


To the editor,

In response to a letter dated on Sept. 30 in the opinion section of the Citizen’s News regarding Mr. Gerry Smith, candidate for selectman, and his previous resignation from the Board of Finance, I would like to state that one should not be criticized for having to leave a volunteer position.

One has their own personal reasons for making their choices. These choices could be the results of a family crisis, health reasons, or a financial situation.

Volunteers in any capacity should be applauded for whatever time spent as a volunteer and their endless efforts for the good of the community. Mr. Smith is of good moral character and has served his community in the past as selectman.

Let us not forget we are human beings with all of our qualities and faults. If our future candidates forget this, what good will they be in realizing the realistic side of life for the families and residents of our town, Beacon Falls.

Sal Falzone

Beacon Falls


  1. • In an answer typical of Mr. Krenesky, we once again find him trying to deflect blame for his own actions on others. The question is not what others have done, but what Mr. Krenesky has done wrong. Taking responsibility of one’s actions is simply a social awareness of the interplay between an individual and the society that has put its trust in that individual. Once again he has failed, showing why his party had no faith in him to run for the position of Selectman. One is always the cause of one’s own actions.

  2. I appreciate Mr Parker’s concern over who has access to public information. He is correct that this information is availble to anyone who has curosity to go to Town Hall and request it. Both political parties have databases of voters that track who voted and how often.

    I find it interesting that when 1st Selectman Cable announced after the recent failed bond referendum that she was going to “review who voted”, that he did not cry out as loudly as he does here.

    When a member of the Democatic Town Committee went to Town Hall to look at the tax records of a local Republican and then made statements about this individuals ability to pay his taxes, I did not hear Mr. Parker cry out about black lists or an abuse of power.

    Related to the 2011 Municipal Election. I made an announcement to the Republican Party over a year ago that I probably would not run for the Board of Selectmen in 2011 due to work & family commitments. I was asked to run for Town Treasurer by Gerry Smith and I accepted because of my respect in him as a quality leader and because of my continuing commitment to my home town.

    I look forward to serving the Town of Beacon Falls in this new and challenging role.

  3. As to me being a real person, I find it suspect in itself that a Sitting Selectmen for the Town of Beacon Falls has searched not only the voter’s list, but also the tax rolls to find information on one of its town citizens. What would you do once you have this information? Hunt down those who your political party does not like? Retaliate against them in some manner that could hurt them? Black List them? The fact that this was done and admitted to shows, 1. Why Mr. Krenesky was not selected by his party to run as selectmen, but as a candidate for a lesser office, 2. The type of people the party is willing to back and 3. That the Abuse of Power committed here is sanctioned by the party. Whether the party likes it or not, people are free to have “connections to people, campaigns, or organizations” of their choice and this abuse must be stopped now. Finally, if one, let’s say a two term selectmen, knew anything about how a town operates, one would know that you can live in a town and not be listed on the tax rolls or voter’s list.

  4. It must also be noted that the respondent to the Smith letter, Ralph Parker, is a fictitious name. There is no R. Parker listed on the tax rolls or the voter lists of the Town of Beacon Falls. Ralph Parker like Harold Brown, are most likely aliases being used by someone who apparently does not want their true identity known. Why? One can only guess that they have connections to people, campaigns, or organizations that would make their comments suspect.

    I would ask the real Ralph Parker to come out of the shadows and be accountable for his or her words.