Letter: Rebimbas, Logan clear choice for Naugatuck


To the editor,

In a few short weeks, Naugatuck voters will be going to the polls to vote for who will represent them in D.C. as well as in Hartford. The choice for Naugatuck is crystal clear: Republicans Rosa Rebimbas for state representative and George Logan for state senator.

Rosa has been a strong advocate for the residents of Naugatuck for the past 10 years and George for four years. They both have been steadfast on advocating for responsible budgets and legislation that is good for our community. They carefully study each issue, look at all data available, getting feedback from their constituents, and only then will they vote for or against any issue when it’s in the best interest of Naugatuck and the Naugatuck Valley.

Their opponents, Democrats Jorge Cabrera and Stephen Samela, will be a rubber stamp for whatever the governor and their political bosses’ request of them. This includes more reckless spending, even higher taxes, as well as tolls on our highways. Tolls are just another word for taxes. Naugatuck residents already have one of the highest mill rates in Connecticut from a decade of Democratic mayors, we cannot afford even higher state taxes, which is one of the highest already in the nation.

We need Rosa Rebimbas and George Logan to continue to represent Naugatuck residents in Hartford. They are strong and independent voices for us in Naugatuck. No matter party affiliation, I ask Republican, Democrat and Unaffiliated voters to vote for Rosa Rebimbas (4B) and George Logan (3B) this November.

Matt Katra


The writer is Naugatuck’s Republican Registrar of Voters and a member of the Naugatuck Republican Town Committee.



  1. Don’t see much actually done by Logan.
    Nice smile and cordial …. he’d better get on the stick.