Letter: Rebimbas is the only choice to represent Naugatuck


To the editor,

I am writing in support of the re-election of Republican state Rep. Rosa Rebimbas, who represents the 70th District in Naugatuck. Working at the Capitol I have first-hand knowledge of just how much she does, not only for our community, but for the state of Connecticut.

First, and foremost, when deciding who to vote for to represent our town, I believe in electing officials who are willing to work across the aisle. Rosa has a proven record of this, since entering public office in 2010. She has passed numerous bills with the support of her Democratic and Republican colleagues.

Secondly, while volunteering on her campaign, I have had many conversations with residents in town who are aware of the work she has accomplished and are looking to cast their vote once again for her. Rep. Rebimbas has worked diligently on education legislation, which has allowed our borough to receive desperately needed increased funding to better serve our children, teachers and services/programs. Rep. Rebimbas has tirelessly advocated for improvements and investments toward transportation, which is one of the main issues in this election. Transportation is key to improving our borough, residents and local businesses.

As our businesses thrive by the increase in commerce through transportation improvements, our tax base increases and the end result is a lower tax/lower mill rate for our residents and businesses.

Lastly, and most recently, as the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Rebimbas worked on the police accountability bill. Through her insight and expertise in the judicial and public safety systems, she was able to craft a better bill, which attempted to achieve the demands of the police, our citizens and public safety. Her hard work proudly earned her the endorsement of the Naugatuck Police Union and countless other police organizations throughout the state.

As Nov. 3 quickly approaches, it is evidently clear that Rep. Rebimbas is the right and only choice to represent Naugatuck.

Catherine Ernsky


The writer is a member of the Naugatuck Republican Town Committee.