Letter: Reader raises concerns from football game


letters_flatTo the editor,

And to my fellow Naugatuck citizens. Allow me to preface my statement by saying that at the Woodland versus Naugatuck football game on Sept. 4 both teams played well and congratulations to the Hawks, rest assured that we will get you next year. However I feel a need to voice my complaint about the rather juvenile tactics of the Beacon Falls fire truck that was present on this night.

For those of us on the Naugatuck side we witnessed that every time the ball was in our possession and we were parallel to the truck that they would shine their lights in a feeble attempt to blind our valiant quarterback. It shows a lack of class, sportsmanship and maturity and makes Woodland look bad. I hope that the so called firefighting professionals that did this will be disciplined, as I will contact the fire chief.

However this paled in short comparison to the antics of some of the Woodland crowd. The night of the game they were actually throwing bottles at our cheerleaders. Let me tell you if I had a daughter on the cheer squad, then you would have seen me on a video making that evening’s nightly news. So to the Naugatuck Hounds and staff  I say keep training hard you have a whole town of people like my family that loves you, and as I said before remember this for next year and lets show them what class and determination this town is made of.

Troy Bond Sr.



  1. Mr. Bond,
    I am sorry you were disappointed over the outcome of the game but to blame our volunteer firefighters is a total lack of class and sportsmanship on your part. If you even had a clue about how firefighting equipment works, you would know that it is a slow process to maneuver the light tower into position. They did not move the light tower until a call was made I believe sometime early in the second half requesting the lights be redirected. Our volunteer firefighters set up the light tower prior to the game for safety reasons; safety for both Woodland and Naugatuck fans who park at The Beagle Club.
    As for lack of maturity, take a look in the mirror. These “so called firefighting professionals” as you put it our young men and women are volunteers and risk their lives to protect our town and should be applauded for their efforts. And by the way, they are well trained and very professional. Would you want to rely on being rescued from a burning car on Route 8 or pulled from the Naugatuck River after your car went off the highway by a group of immature and unprofessional bunch of volunteers?

    By the way, the rescues truck is at almost every home game and is set up in the same place. Why is this the first time that anyone has ever commented about this?

  2. Sounds like both sides have taken their queues from our leadership in Washington. GREAT JOB POTUS / Senate / House !!! Way to LEAD !

    Next we’ll see spending that grossly exceeds funding, shutdown of the two schools over a game of chicken, and bewilderment over what to do with all these kids who will really be pawns in what far too many perceive as a game. Mike is right – passion IS a great thing. RESPECT (even when you disagree) is better.

  3. My grandfather always would tell me there are two sides to every story. As a Naugy alumni myself, I too find pride in watching the garnet & gray no matter what the sport. Today though, I love my black & gold and Woodland is where I am at home.

    What my friend from Naugatuck does not tell you is of the other ‘antics’ that also happened during the football game when a group of approximately ten Naugy students, surprisingly mostly young ladies, made a trip into the Woodland bleachers carrying a sign and began cheering and taunting the Woodland fans. They stood along the railing blocking Woodland fans from being able to watch the game.

    As you might imagine the Woodland students had a reaction to this and chased the offenders back to their side of the field. Teenagers being what they are, they ended up in front of the Naugy bleachers and cheerleaders and reciprocated with cheers and taunts of their own. According to reports they were met with a barrage of water bottles out of the Naugy stands. Many of these bottles missed their target and landed near the Cheer Squad.

    I do not know which story to believe. I hope that school officials in both schools send a message to their student bodies that passion for their team is a great thing, but there are limits.