Letter: Re-elect Dowling for town clerk


letters_flatTo the editor,

We, (her staff) would like to tell you something about Michelle Dowling. Michelle goes out of her way to provide knowledgeable assistance in a kind, professional and helpful manner. She is not only our department head, she is our friend, who is caring, thoughtful and loyal to our office. This is why we admire her the most.

As the assistant town clerk for over 12 years, and as your town clerk for more than two years, she is the only experienced and qualified person to run this office. We are a very busy office and we need to keep the continuity that exists here without change. 

Michelle keeps our office atmosphere professional and welcoming. She strives to help the public, attorneys and title searchers and we are all learning everyday from Michelle the different aspects of our duties that continuously changes on a daily basis.

Michelle is the only qualified and experienced candidate for this position.

Please re-elect Michelle Dowling for town clerk.

Terry Magnamo

Leslie K. Mazur

Lisa Levesque

Naugatuck town clerk’s office staff