Letter: Racism is wrong and immoral, but not a public health crisis


To the editor,

Referring to racism as a public health crisis is a) inaccurate, and b) using sensationalism as a means of garnering attention. COVID is a public health crisis. Racism is not. The definition of racism describes a person whose motivation for an action is based on race. Racism addresses why a person takes an action. It does not simply address the action.

The term “systemic racism” is a loaded term. It is associated in the wider context of what’s going on nationally with far more than racism. In fact, our “system” is not racist. It was, when — for example — in 1953 it was literally illegal in 39 states for a white man to marry a Black woman. Today, our system is anything but racist.

That said, racism is wrong. It is immoral. And when encountered, it needs to be addressed in the strongest terms possible. However, it is a slippery slope and has become a catch-all for many issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with racism.

Gary Markman

Beacon Falls