Letter: Questions government’s actions


What is happening in our country? We are the first ones to help any country that has a disaster, tell me who has helped us when we had a disaster, like Katrina.

But that is how we are, and I’m proud of it. But the giving has got to stop and we need to help our people. If we don’t change things starting at the local level right to the federal government it will just keep getting worse.
Our town is one of the better places to live but the only time we see a politician is election time. They fixed our road a long time ago but it caused our drain pipe to be too low. The engineer was sent up and he agreed the town had to put in a culvert. It has not been done yet, but at least they are putting us on a list that it must be done. So, we are at least getting the satisfaction of knowing soon it will be fixed.

Now can someone tell me how the Governor and legislature can raise taxes so high that before you know it there will be no one in Connecticut to pay them. You have so many small businesses here, and there is no way they can survive all these taxes.

I know a lot of them, and they are trying their best not to layoff their help so they pay them and do not take a paycheck home for weeks. So, what is their next step? The small businessman can’t even collect unemployment, and now you want them to pay sick pay. Yes, I know he has to have a certain amount of workers. The small businessperson is the backbone of the country, give them a break and stop taxing them and think who is paying your paycheck.

If the Governor says he is going to layoff thousands of employees, who will now go on the unemployment line, why were they hired in the first place if we can run the government without them?

Now the federal government, instead of doing what’s best for the country, they do what’s best for them and their party. I do have one suggestion: put all the senators, congressmen-all politicians-on the same plans they vote in for the people. And, who can work three to four years and end up with a great pensions, not the little guy.
How can they even think about touching Medicare and Medicaid, just send the workers in the government that are not doing anything and let them find al the fraud that is going on.

The little businessperson might have a problem in his business and he stays there until it is right or if one of his clients need him he is there any day of the week. He doesn’t say, “No, I am on vacation.”

Why do elected people get a pay check when they are traveling around the country campaigning?

This mess has been going on for years, and I have no idea if we can fix it. But don’t blame the President, unless you want to go way back to many presidents and politicians who voted for some stupid thing like the road to nowhere or how many eggs each chicken lays so they can make the people of their state happy, so they will get their vote again.

There are many people in our country who would do a good, honest job running the country or state, but cannot because they do not have the money or connections to run for office.

Well I got this off my chest and maybe I will sleep tonight.

Claire Ardry

Beacon Falls