Letter: Prospect voters are not brainwashed


To the editor,

The residents of Prospect that came out to vote are not brainwashed. Some may think many voters just fill in the bubbles blindly and rubber stamp everything without much thought. The good, smart, informed people of Prospect came out and voted for what they want. That is what elections are for.

Some Democrats in Prospect may see the outcome of the recent election as a problem. According to the numbers on the voter checklist website (reports.voterchecklist.co), only 544 Democrats came out to vote. Even on the Republican side, only 1046 voters participated in the voting process. With that said, the Republicans came out almost 2-1 to make an informed, intelligent decision.

When people want change they should vote for change. Obviously, Prospect is doing very well and residents have not voted to change the powers that be. Prospect is a well-run town that has values that reflect the wishes of the active voters. The people have spoken and the results of the election reflect the voice of the people.

Brenda Martin


The writer is a member of the Prospect Republican Town Committee.