Letter: Proposed bill is overreaching legislation


To the editor,

Many of us in Connecticut are wondering why many Democrats are proposing regressive legislation.

I always knew the Democratic Party to be against discrimination, segregation, marginalization, name-calling and bullying. However, the state legislature’s Public Health Committee has proposed eliminating the religious exemption from vaccinations for public-school children.

This proposal, Senate Bill 568, appears to support the opposite of Democratic ideals. “My body, my choice,” once was a motto that held true.

Why are many Connecticut Democratic leaders at the forefront of this modern-day witch hunt against parents who want to have a choice of which pharmaceutical products they inject into their children?

The religious exemption gives parents the choice to opt their children out of one or all vaccines to attend public school. This bill, if passed, will remove this choice from all schools, day care facilities, preschools and colleges.

This bill also leaves the requirements to attend school open to add any future vaccines, including flu, HPV, COVID-19 and more, without further legislation.

Religion dictates morals. The members of the Public Health Committee and the Democratic Party have some serious soul-searching to do.

If people believed something could harm your child, but the government forced them to do it, what would they choose? It would be an easy decision for me, but that’s my personal/religious belief and moral compass.

Don’t we as humans deserve to keep this inalienable right to body autonomy? Does government have the right to rule over God and nature?

Many of us feel members of this committee and others in the legislature are running their own agenda and not taking their constituents seriously, by continuously to propose this over-reaching legislation.

I wonder why the Democratic Party has moved in this deceptive direction and is abandoning its ideals.

Jackie Flynn, D.C.