Letter: Privatization economically efficient



To the editor,

Your story “Borough reviewing bids for trash collection” (Dec. 19) is typical of the many stories I have seen about privatizing trash and recycling collection services in 20 years of working for the National Waste & Recycling Association, the trade association for the recycling and waste services industry.

With tight budgets at every level of government and some of the highest local property taxes in the nation, local officials in Naugatuck and all around Connecticut are good stewards of the public purse when they explore the privatization option. Our research shows that waste and recycling services top the list of municipal services being privatized. Privatizing waste and recycling services is a good way for officials to be both economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our privatization white paper is available at    http://www.environmentalistseveryday.org/docs/research-bulletin/Research-Bulletin-Privatization.pdf. I encourage all Naugatuck civic leaders and citizens to read it and use it in their ongoing review of this important matter.

Steve Changaris

Connecticut Chapter Manager

The writer is manager of the northeast region of the National Waste & Recycling Association.