Letter: People shouldn’t be defined only by their flaws


To the editor,

This is in reference to the article “Complaint, investigation result in suspension for borough officer,” (Citizen’s News, Nov. 19, 2020).

It’s unfortunate today that articles such as this are too often one-sided or only mention partial information. I appreciate and applaud the Citizen’s News for also including officer Ian Kosky’s awards and commendations during his 14-year career in Naugatuck.

We are all flawed humans that err in our decisions and behaviors but tend to expect perfection in others. A person shouldn’t be defined only by their flaws. The whole person should be assessed to form an opinion of their overall character. I have no relationship with Officer Kosky or the Naugatuck Police Department but am an overall supporter of our law enforcement community. Thanks for what appears to be a fairly written article.

Ray LaPalme