Letter: People should see through climate myth


To the editor,

This letter comes on the heels of the latest climate hoax summit, in Paris, France. One would think that after Climategate at the University of East Anglia in 2009, this issue would have died long ago. Yet our ruling elites keep the Ponzi scheme going.

When I was younger and less wise to the ways of the world, I believed human activity was causing global warming. As God would have it, the cloak of deception was removed for me, and I began to understand that everything coming to us from CNN to the Discovery Channel was a big fat lie. As Joseph Goebbels once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

My main objective is to expose some of the lies that all governments, studies and scientists are telling the people.

Myth: Carbon dioxide is the most dangerous greenhouse gas.

Fact: The actual greenhouse gas composition is, 95 percent water vapor, 4 percent CO2, and 1 percent methane and other trace elements. Human activity only accounts for 3 or 4 percent of all CO2 in the atmosphere.

Myth: By 2013, the polar ice caps will have melted away.

Fact: They still are with us.

Myth: If something isn’t soon done to curtail CO2 emissions, the planet will experience massive crop failures.

Fact: Crops flourish and give a much greater yield in a CO2-rich environment.

Myth: Greenhouse gases drive global temperature and weather patterns.

Fact: The sun and sunspot activity drive global temperature, which in turn drives weather patterns, which in turn drive greenhouse-gas emissions.

Myth: The U.S. and other industrialized nations must curtail their industrial activity because they are destroying the planet.

Fact: Industrialized nations have cleaner and more habitable environments than third-world and developing nations.

Myth: Al Gore cares so much about the trees and fish, and is out to save them from destruction.

Fact: Gore met with disgraced Enron CEO Kenneth Lay back in 1997. Gore has become the first carbon-trading billionaire.

You must be asking, “Why all the lies and smokescreens?” Well, if you understand what the Hegelian and Luciferian dialectics are and how they operate, the agenda becomes crystal clear. To get we the people for our own economic destruction through deindustrialization, “The destruction of the people’s engine of wealth” and redistribute it to third-world nations — where the governments keep all the wealth and get developing nations to sign climate treaties that will keep them from using their own natural resources, so they can have clean water and electricity.

I am not for dumping toxic waste into our rivers and oceans, or hunting animals to near extinction for profit. Yet as a Bible-believing Christian, I believe God gave us dominion over all Earth’s creatures as told in Genesis 1, so we have the mandate to have their existence serve us. As in Genesis 2, God put man in the Garden of Eden, and told him to dress and keep it. That means we need to protect the environment and use it for our benefit, not to worship and sacrifice ourselves or our prosperity to it.

James Thomas