Letter: People need to look at each other as human beings, work together


To the editor,

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for working so hard to get through the last 15 months of the pandemic, which has been very tumultuous for every single individual. The trials and tribulations and the care of others has been revealed that we are a supportive and understanding community.

In May of 2020 the Town Council was presented with a request to fly the LGBTQ flag at the Prospect Town Hall. I, as the chairman, had brought the request to the council for discussion during a regular monthly meeting. The end result was the council determined that the Town Hall is run by the elected mayor and that the council had no control whether the flag was to be flown or not. During the conversation there was no vote taken. It was agreed that this matter was for the mayor.

In the following weeks, I had many meetings with Mayor Robert Chatfield and as time went on the month of June had come and gone. The mayor has many hats to wear and fires to put out during the course of each and every day. I can attest to this as I spend many hours per week with him and see the events that unfold by the minute during a work day.

As 2021 approached my goal was to assist the mayor more than I have in the past with the many items that arise daily. We spoke often and worked through the late winter and budget season with many discussions regarding the LGBTQ and other flags. He had mentioned to me he would like to move forward in a direction to have multiple flag poles in town for various flags of different representations other than the American flag. I told him I was not one to care where any flag was to be flown, but to just be sure to look at all aspects of life, as we are in the 21st century and the need to look to the future is more important today than it was yesterday, and please be sure to fly any flag requested that is recognized throughout the rest of our state and country.

The mayor agreed and flew the LGBTQ flag, resulting in many calls and conversations regarding it. I continually encouraged the mayor, who followed through with a request to make it happen even though he has many items thrown at him daily.

I would hope that not one, but all residents, realize that this is 2021 and we need to look at each other as human beings and work together to be the best we can be and accept the changing times.

Jeff Slapikas


The writer is chairman of the Prospect Town Council.