Letter: Parents need to be more involved


To the editor,

Was it that long ago when parents, relatives, and neighbors came together to help raise the children of the community?

I grew up with a single parent. However, once I walked out of my front door, I suddenly had the eyes of everyone in my neighborhood. That was 30 almost 40 years ago, a time when parents were comfortable reaching out.

Today, with all the language barriers, cultural diversity, economic stress, and technological changes, it seems parents aren’t finding the time to sit and talk face to face with their children or neighbors nor do the get involved with community events or parent groups at school.

And what happens to the children?

If they pay too little attention to what they are doing or not doing, they get into trouble. The lack of support and direction are noticeable traits in the behavior of those children. We as parents need to reevaluate what is more important in our child’s life.

Statistics show children with involved parents do so much more in their lifetime. They have the needed developmental skills necessary to succeed in anything they do, no matter what the economic status, cultural background, or family dynamic.

I am a mother of two. I had no idea it would be so difficult to raise children in today’s world. So many things have changed. I needed help. Once they we’re accepted into preschool, the family advocates and educators gave me the resources and encouragement I needed to become the involved parent I am today. We should all be involved with our child’s life.

Parent involvement matters, your child depends on it.

Ellie Ruggles