Letter: O’Sullivan will bring new leadership


letters_flatTo the editor,

Naugatuck, let’s review the past few years in the borough. Since 2010, Naugatuck as dropped to the fifth most distressed municipalities in all of Connecticut. That is a 10 spot drop in just three years. While being 15 on the list is nothing to be proud of, the borough was keeping steady the past decade and making steps to improve. However, the latest report by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development ranked Naugatuck as the fifth worst in Connecticut on the list.

On top of all that, in the same time frame, our tax rate went up a whopping 33 percent.  Remember your car tax bills in July? A high mill rate not only affects our residents, it also drives out businesses, which drives the mill rate even higher. 

Naugatuck can and must do better. We need to change the downward direction this borough has been recently been moving in. We need to stop the never ending rise in spending. We need to make Naugatuck attractive for businesses to locate here.  This can be done with some common sense fixes such as consolidation and eliminating duplication in the borough departments. Focusing on the core services in the borough will be the way to reverse that downward trend. This can only be done with new leadership, and Jim O’Sullivan is the person to do that.

Matt Katra