Letter: Officer O’Bar is a ‘ray of sunshine’


To the editor,

I have been a resident of Beacon Falls for 11 years. My husband has had a few medical crises where he required an ambulance last year due to cancer that left him with a permanent tracheotomy.

On one occasion when he was having difficulty breathing, the first person that arrived at our home was Officer Caroline O’Bar from the Beacon Falls Police Department, and I believe she saved his life. In a matter of minutes she had an oxygen mask on him and brought this very scary situation under control. She had him calm until the EMT team arrived and he recovered.

I also have a daughter that was a nurse but became permanently disabled due to major back surgeries, who lives in our home with her children. Officer O’Bar knew that we were struggling and she came to our home with many wonderful toys for my grandchildren, so they would have a wonderful Christmas.

I would like to publicly thank Officer O’Bar for being such a kind and wonderful human being. She is such an asset to this town.

Thank you. You are a ray of sunshine.

Florence Boyce

Beacon Falls