Letter: North Main Street not a good location for senior assisted living facility


To the editor,

Naugatuck Zoning Commission member Eileen Bronko is right about the senior assisted living facility planned to be built on North Main Street. (“Senior assisted living facility gets go-ahead,” Citizen’s News, Oct. 29, 2020).

I strongly agree with her that the plans don’t “have enough parking for the facility and that noise from Route 8 would be an issue for residents.”

This is not a good location to put this building. That is not a safe environment for anyone who needs assisted living. There would not be enough parking spaces and it would be too close to the highway. People would be stepping from the front door into traffic. Then there could be accidents.

Just because a building is “in compliance” doesn’t mean every line the pencil pushes has to become reality.

This is liking handing a little boy a quarter to spend. He gets so excited, “Wow. Look at all the money I have.” So the boy asks his dad to take him to the store. He goes to the store and takes candy off the shelf and hands it to the clerk and the clerk asks, “Why do want this candy?” The boy holds out his open hand with the quarter in it and says, “I got this money.”

These decisions might be advantageous to their pocketbooks but not to the people.

Building the assisted living facility at the North Main Street-Wood Street site would be another big mistake.

Virginia Donnelly