Letter: NHS renovations are a step forward


To the editor,
The establishment of the Gunntown Passive Park and Nature Preserve is a major step forward for Naugatuck. The deed restriction protecting this passive open space is a step forward. The cooperation between environmentalists and the Parks Commission, helping to introduce citizens to passive recreation, is a step forward.
The upcoming referendum for improvements at our high school is another opportunity for our town to take a step forward. The repairs and updating of our high school are sorely needed.

The synthetic field included in this proposal has an important environmental connection. It will extend use time of the field for our young people versus a grass field. It will take some pressure off the constant search for more land for active use fields thus leaving more land passive.

Very important to the health of all of us is the movement away from the chemicals needed to maintain a grass field. There is also the added benefit of long-term tax relief with the reduction in maintenance costs.
Please vote in favor of the proposed improvements to Naugatuck High School on Nov. 8.
Leonard Yannielli