Letter: McCool offers positive change


To the editor,

When I walk into the ice cream shop I usually get my regular flavor with the same toppings each time. Yeah, it could be satisfying or maybe I need to look at what else is in the freezer.

That’s how I think about the current members of the Naugatuck Board of Education. It’s been one flavor for a while and maybe it’s time to see what else is out there. I know a candidate that is transparent, approachable and concerned about a community he has chosen to become a part of. He might not have been a flavor on the regular menu, but what has the regular menu done in the education system of Naugatuck for years.

It’s time to look at the choices for the BOE and pick Republican Aaron McCool for a positive change. He is dedicated to improving the education experience of every student and every student’s family in Naugatuck.

Aaron McCool listens and takes the time to understand in order to find the best solutions. I have known Aaron McCool and when he gets involved it’s not a little, it’s with his whole being. In the jobs Aaron has taken on he looks at what is and then asks the questions. He begins to determine what can be added to make it better. He puts his all into his work and creates changes with determination that all parents want and maybe don’t have the time to do. Let Aaron McCool be that person for parents. Vote McCool4school this November.

Paulette Koosed