Letter: Logan, Klarides-Ditria are right legislators at right time


To the editor,

It is only two weeks from the presidential election. While it would surprise no one that the state endorses the Democratic presidential ticket of Joe Biden-Kamala Harris, the real future of Connecticut is in the results of the state Senate and state representative races.

To continue the Democratic majority is nothing short of a disaster. To increase that majority is plain foolishness.

I am writing to support the reelection of Republican state Sen. George Logan for the 17th Senate District and Republican state Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria for the 105th House District. Both have proven records that help every resident and voter in their respective districts and the state as a whole. They are the right legislators at the right time. Vote for Logan and Klarides-Ditria on Nov. 3.

Michael Krenesky

Beacon Falls

The writer is a Republican Beacon Falls selectman and the chairman of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee.