Letter: Local leaders influenced by agenda


letters_flatTo the editor,

I find myself very disappointed in the Nov. 5 election results in which Bob Mezzo, Tamath Rossi, and a host of other incumbents kept their seats. Yes these are the same people that raised our mill rate by one-third with our approval so they can fund their special little programs without any thought to the struggling middle class and the elderly whose meager social security and pensions can barely purchase a can of dog food for their dinner. Yet, this is only on the surface; there is something far more sinister going at city hall here in Naugatuck.

In the Oct. 25 2013 edition of this publication, Naugatuck Mayor Bob Mezzo used two phrases “smart growth” and “public-private partnership” when referring to the Naugatuck Economic Development Corporation. To anyone that is truly informed, this should have made him leap out of his chair because he now publicly [implied] that our local politicians and business leaders are heavily influenced by agenda 21, not the needs of the people.

Now if you never heard of this, agenda 21 is a complex plan developed by the United Nations to take away our economic prosperity and our property rights. Learning what this is about and how it is implemented is a lengthy educational process in itself. So I will focus on these two phrases.

First, the public-private partnership portion is simply special dealings between government and certain favored corporations, which get tax breaks, grants and the government’s power of eminent domain to implement sustainable policy.

The only endgame here is a government-sanctioned monopoly, which destroys upward mobility for the common man.

Second, smart growth, falls under local sustainable developmental policies. Which also include wildland project, resilient cities, regional visioning projects, STAR, sustainable communities, green jobs, green building codes, going green, alternative energy, local visioning, facilitators, regional planning, historic preservation, conservation easements, development rights, sustainable farming, comprehensive planning, growth management and consensus.

Now even a brief analysis of smart growth will call into question whether you can engage in planting your own garden to digging a water well or even setting up a rain water collection system on your own land. All across the country people are loosing their property rights and farmers are loosing right to do with their land as they see fit because city planners are adopting this system.

Since it is implemented through local governments, the plan can be easily be foiled at the grassroots level by electing constitutional conservatives that understand what your rights will perform their sworn duty to defend them.

More information on this sinister plan can be found at American Policy Center’s website or by reading Rosa Koire’s book “Behind the Green Mask.”

James Thomas Jr.



  1. I am surprised the citizens News published this letter.

    As for James, you want to talk to a mental health professional. This is not a personal attack, but you may need counseling and/or medication in order to get you back on track. Please seek help.