Letter: Little information provided on questions at town meeting


To the editor,

I was recently criticized in a letter to the editor “Elected leaders have duty to be informed about, decide on issues” (Citizen’s News, Oct. 10, 2019), for not voting for or against transferring funds during a Beacon Falls special town meeting on Sept. 23. This meeting had been poorly promoted, and I only found out about it accidentally, as I happened to be at Town Hall earlier that day on business. In looking, I found no detailed information about the issues under consideration; furthermore, at the meeting, the two questions went straight to a vote, with no provision for questions from the public.

The part-time officer wages had already been paid; this transfer was for over $120,000. The “vital road improvements” had already been made. Further, these designated funds were transferred to an account with their broad use to be determined by the town engineer.

With little information provided, how could anyone make an informed decision and vote yes or no? I stand by my abstention.

Gerard Smith

Beacon Falls

The writer is a petitioning candidate for Beacon Falls first selectman.