Letter: Litke is an asset to school board


To the editor,

My sister and I wrote letters to the editor in 2017 and 2019 urging the voters in Naugatuck to vote for our uncle, Jeff Litke, a Republican candidate, for the Naugatuck Board of Education and I am honored to do that again this year.

This year I am writing as a recent graduate of Naugatuck High School. My experience with Naugatuck Public Schools was enhanced because of people like my uncle, Jeff Litke. He is always there for the students and is ready, willing and able to talk to students, parents and staff to hear their concerns.

I began my college career a few short weeks ago and it has been an adjustment, but an adjustment that has been made easier thanks to my Uncle Jeff. His support of my education and the education of all of Naugatuck’s students is a tremendous asset to the Board of Education.

I humbly ask that voters vote for Jeff Litke for Naugatuck Board of Education on Nov. 2.

Alyssa Roberts