Letter: Litke has served with distinction


To the editor,

I am writing today to encourage the voters in Naugatuck to vote for my uncle, Jeff Litke, a Republican candidate, for the Naugatuck Board of Education on Nov. 2.

My uncle has served with distinction on the Board of Education since 2017. He is someone that has always been there for me and my sister throughout our educational careers. He is there to support, guide and assist us because he cares about our education and the education of all the students in Naugatuck. I know firsthand that he always thinks about the students, staff and community in his work on the Board of Education, and he will continue to do that if re-elected.  Again, I ask the citizens of Naugatuck to vote Jeff Litke for Naugatuck Board of Education.

Christina Roberts


The writer is a student at Naugatuck High School.