Letter: Lewis House can be valuable addition to town


To the editor,

My name is Beverly W. Krenesky, in my 80s, born and brought up in Beacon Falls, had a business with my husband on Main Street for 23 years. My dad was there for 50 years having come to Beacon Falls in 1900. My husband Michael and I brought up four children, have 13 grandchildren, all but one went through local schools and a bonus of five great-grandchildren. Moving backwards, I think not Ms. Cable. Not with that many children to keep us up to date and always on the go.

Shame on Susan Cable for her statement in the July 29, 2011 Citizens News newspaper, referring to those of us who want to save the “Lewis House” as trying to move the town backwards. That is not moving backwards, that is the sign of an intelligent and inquisitive mind.

Why do people travel all over the world? One of the biggest attractions and reasons they do are old buildings, artifacts, and the history within these places. History draws people to travel. Does that mean that all these people are “moving backwards?”

I wonder if the only people in this town who are moving backwards are those who are trying to prevent the citizenry from learning the truth and not allowing them to make a knowledgeable decision on exactly what should be done with the house at 35 Wolfe Ave.

Come on people wake-up, you are smart, you are free thinking and perfectly capable of standing up for what is right. A survey in the Citizens News a few weeks ago was in favor of preserving the house. Our First Selectman claimed at a public meeting on July 9 that she was going to hold a hearing and a referendum on this subject. We need to see that Ms. Cable holds to her word.

Yes, we could use a better and more up to date library, I am all for it. The house at 35 Wolfe Ave. can work into the landscape and be a valuable and “historic” addition to the village of Beacon Falls, and yes Ms. Cable, we eventually can have an area of town, “the hill,” that would “out shine them all.”

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you is to remain always a child. For what’s the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the record of History?” is a quote from Cicero I found years ago on one of my many research ventures to a library.

The opinions stated here are my own and not the opinion of the Beacon Falls Historical Society.

Beverly W. Krenesky


Beacon Falls Historical Society