Letter: Labeling people divides the country


To the editor,

Why does the Democratic Party constantly put labels on people? It seems that the party of inclusion and tolerance is really good at dividing the country. Connecticut legislators are supposed to represent all of the citizens of our state, not just the groups that they (both parties) believe are “marginalized” or “oppressed.” Every citizen of Connecticut deserves someone to represent them that will make the best decisions on policy for the good of everyone living in our great state.

Connecticut is fortunate to have Sen. Rob Sampson, R-16th District, fighting for all of us. No identity politics. Sen. Sampson always considers what is best for everyone in this great state, not specific groups of people that the Democrats have been lumping people into for decades. Sen. Sampson does not see us as his black, brown, white constituents or his Catholic, Jewish or other denomination constituents, his gay or straight constituents, his young or old constituents. Instead, he sees us as people. Vote for Rob Sampson on Nov. 3 to represent and fight for all the people of Connecticut.

Brenda Martin