Letter: Individuals, organizations made season successful


To the editor,

Another great soccer season has come to an end. After more than ten weeks of soccer, 35 soccer teams (450 plus players) finished their final week of play on June 25.

The Naugatuck Youth Recreation Soccer League has evolved over the years and has grown into a true community sport. This year, through a partnership with local businesses and organizations, Naugatuck Youth Soccer was able to provide another exciting season. Through team sponsorships, parent volunteers and collaborative community efforts, the Naugatuck youth were offered a full season of soccer instruction and competition.

A tremendous “thank you” is needed to the Naugatuck Parks and Recreation team for their continued support and excellent job week in and week out maintaining and preparing the fields. NYS would also like to thank all the sponsors of the 2016 Naugatuck Youth Recreation Soccer League: Naugatuck Police Union, Bounce Blast, American Pie, DeShamp Property Management LLC, Carmondy, Torrance, Sandra K & Hennessey, Sports Image, Chittenden Group, Economy Fuel of Bridgeport, and Lindsey’s Dance Company

The support of these organizations through team sponsorships was instrumental in helping the Naugatuck Youth Soccer maintain its low fees for participation.

As another season has come to a close we cannot thank enough the individuals and organizations that made the 2016 Naugatuck Youth Soccer League season a success from start to finish. A huge “thank you” to the players and their parents for their participation and all the hours of practice and play.

Amy Keach

Interim President

Naugatuck Youth Soccer Association