Letter: Independent audit is needed in Prospect


To the editor,

According to all recent reports, the thefts from a Prospect payroll account for which police recently made an arrest in connection to occurred over the period of a year. How can a town hall run efficiently without continuing audits and oversight? Is it normal for any municipal government to go for a year or more without checking and auditing? If this is the case, then perhaps the procedures should be changed. Like the rest of us who are careful with our money, doesn’t the town ever balance its checking account?

When this investigation is made public it will be interesting to find out just how the suspect gained access to the town’s payroll account.

It is true that the hack could have originated on Webster Bank’s end or in the company which had just updated the security program.

Now would be the time to have a complete and independent audit of the whole system that is Prospect Town Hall, including all departmental accounts, the phone system, the email system and certainly including the nepotism running rampant there in. It would be nice to know why so many of the online reports of various town committees are so far behind in posting and are not updated with regularity.

A hack can take place in many ways. We are all told to guard passwords and change them often. The least unintended slip can cause so much damage. That is why it is so important to include the phone system and the email system in the investigation.

Patricia Smith Zappone